in the beginning....

there was a young couple, newly married, who worked a cow/calf operation. His "day help" quit and she was tired of being "the dog". So they went looking for a working bred puppy, and happened on a few pups left from a litter not too far from home. And their lives changed forever when they brought that little ball of buff colored fuzz into their lives.

Hullabaloo Australian Shepherds reside on a small place in the Texas Hill Country. We run a mixed herd of Brangus, Hereford, Angus cows and a small flock of mixed Katahdin and Barbado ewes. We have been members of ASCA since 1997. Our kennel, Hullabaloo, was registered with ASCA in August, 2000 and is now a permanent registered kennel. We whelped our first litter in 2002. We first became involved with Aussies in the 1980's and entered our first stockdog trial in 1998; an interesting and convoluted journey.
...primarily a working dog
Mike and Melinda work in agricultural positions. Mike manages the ranch and Melinda has a degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M ('90) and works for the United States Department of Agriculture in Agricultural Research.

Together, Mike and Melinda have many years of experience handling and managing livestock. They first became involved in ASCA and ASCA trialing as a byproduct of training their first ASCA registered dog, purchased to assist with the chores on the ranch. Dogs that learn tasks quickly with minimal training, are problem solvers, task oriented and trainable by the average stockman are the goal here at Hullabaloo.

Due to the trainability, athleticism, and work ethic of our dogs, they cross over well into performance venues. While our focus is producing consistent, instinctive working partners, many of our puppies have gone into performance homes and have excelled in tracking, obedience, agility, competitive SAR, and in the stockdog arena, as well as proving themselves to be dependable hands on the farm and ranch.

Our primary goals:
  • a strong sense of group
  • equally strong on both ends
  • power to move challenging stock (primarily cattle)
  • quiet, confident workers
  • independent workers who can gather without direction
  • trainable and willing to form a working partnership
  • stable temperament
  • hips and eyes are cleared prior to breeding

Working dogs can be intense; they are active; they are intelligent. Working bred dogs are not great dogs for every home or every potential Aussie owner. They require knowledgeable, smart, accepting, patient owners who understand the nature of a working dog. As puppies, and even young adults, they may chew, bite, bark, dig, jump, chase cats...the list is endless. They can be protective of their home and family. They can be wonderful, intelligent, pleasing companions in the right hands but do require some commitment from their owners to shape them into model "citizens".
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"It all begins with a dream for the future, and it all happens with what you do today"   ~ Unknown